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The sweetest deliveries, month after month.

Think back to the sweet shop on the corner, you know the one by the playground? That’s right, where you and your mates used to play before picking up some penny sweets with your pocket money to keep that sweet tooth satisfied on the journey home. Then flash forward a few years to grabbing a tasty pick n mix at Woolworths or the stacks of goodies at the local cinema before you saw the latest movie with your kids. Now imagine a box of those memories delivered to your door every month, the most delicious treats and candies in a monthly subscription box.

Each month you’ll receive a selection of treats, chocolate and snacks, sometimes drinks of different flavours too.

When you open your delivery, you’ll find it stuffed to the brim with a variety of the tastiest treats and goodies from Toffee Bonbons and fizzy bubblegum bottles to Nerds, Haribo gummy bears and sour worms too. 

There’s something for everyone, that we can guarantee. 

American Candy Box
Monthly Retro Sweets Hamper

Sweet subscription box options

How do sweet subscriptions work?

Choose how you’d like to subscribe from monthly, quartlery or annually and a single or double serving. Click on the correct button below and sign yourself up, shipping costs are included and you gift options are available too.

You’ll recieve a box of sweet treats, chocolate and snacks until your subscription is over, at that point, we’ll let you know it’s due for renewal but the choice is yours. We don’t charge delivery, the price you see if the price you pay, 

You can purchase sweets subscription boxes for either yourself or for others as a gift so long as they’re in the UK. We’ll just need their address and if you want to buy them for multiple people, just let us know once you’ve ordered and we’ll make sure each box ends up at the right place for each monthly delivery. 


Yes, you just need to let us know who it’s for and where to send it. Often when people buy this as a gift they do it as an annual subscription. 

Unfortunately, we can’t at this time but we hope to do it in the future. We could send it to a UK address and they can forward it on? We have previously arranged orders to places as far away as the Philipines but it’s very unpredictable. Send us a message and we’ll see what we can do. 

Your first box of snacks, treats and drinks will be sent the same day that you place your order and we aim to despatch by the next day at the latest. Following months will be at the start of each month.

They contain a range of products which could be anything from Cadbury chocolate treats to Haribo sweets, every month features a different range of snacks, a random selection. Some American products are included in this sweet subscription box but we also offer a dedicated American Candy Subscription Box. Each month comes with an exciting range of tasty treats.

If the sad day ever comes that you actually want to cancel your subscription product, just let us know with at least one month of notice, if you pay quarterly, or annually, we just need to know a month before the renewal is due. You’ll receive one more box of chocolate and sweet treats and then that’s it, the end of our candy adventure together. We’re always here if you want to come back.

You can but you’ll need to check the labels and ingredients. We don’t currently do a subscription for those specifically but try to include a large variety so there’s something for everything.

We’re going to. Very soon. You can let us know you’re interested by filling out the contact form and we’ll keep your details ready for the big day.

They’re exactly as they sound, it’s the box size. Single is intended for 1 person and double is to share.

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