Wedding Sweet Cones

If you’re putting together a wedding party, it can be really hard to organise everything and think of different wedding ideas. Suppose your theme is a chic wedding, a silver wedding…we can cater for all your wonderful ideas, these sweet cones could save you a lot of trouble and they’re packed with the tastiest treats we could find, perfect for parties and celebrations.

You can check out our wedding favour cones selection. We offer ready made wedding sweet cones and the very best in unique or custom pieces. So if you would like personalised wedding sweet cones to match your wedding cake and decorations, we can do that! We are here to help.

Making your wedding party sweet!

The cones can be filled with the sweets in our standard pre-made options or alternatively any sweet you like! You tell us and we will tell you if we can accommodate.

How do I order?

Simply add them to your basket along with any other delicious snacks that you’d like to order and follow the checkout process to the end so we can give the signal to the candy gnomes to start packing your wedding party bags. If you want anything custom made just speak to our customer service team with your ideas. We can even label each cone with our wedding favour stickers for that personalised touch.

When will I receive them?

You have two choices, you can tell us the date of your wedding party and we’ll deliver as close to it as possible or we’ll dispatch them the very next day as they’re made to order to make sure marshmallows don’t turn up with hairdos of their own.

Can I use these sweet cones as wedding favours?

We’ve got some delicious sweets that are sure to make any occasion special so these cones can be used as wedding favours. We offer custom made cones to suit your wedding party whatever the theme may be.


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