vegan pick and mix 1kg

Each bag is 20 scoops. If you want 1KG of the same sweet, add 20 to the bag.


This product is currently unavailable.

Candy with a conscience. It can be tricky to find vegan sweets, there are so many ingredients to watch out for and be conscious of so this is our exclusively vegan pick n mix selection to make it easier for you to find vegan friendly sweets. Often, veganism is seen as too hard or complicated, confusing and incredibly dull. It may have been the case many years ago but these days, there’s so much vegan friendly food on offer and the quality is better all the time.

You can view the list of sweets below, we aim to update it regularly. Choose your favourite sweets from the selection below, fill up a 1kg pouch and get free delivery. Unlike other sweet shops, we don’t charge extra at the checkout stage.

Take a look at the other version, the traditional line up of pick and mix in a 1kg pouch.


We don’t charge for delivery when you spend £10,  the price you see is the price that you pay and we wouldn’t want it any other way at our online sweet shop.

If you’re local to the shop, we can sometimes offer same day delivery, so long as you order the item before 3PM that day and whatever you ordered is in stock.

We monitor the ingredients of all of these vegan sweets, for any changes, as often as possible as manufacturers sometimes change their recipes without notice. We can’t absolutely guarantee that information is accurate on this page but if the items do include ingredients that aren’t vegan friendly, then we remove them from the selection ASAP. We know how important this is!

With every order you place, we plant a tree to off-set our carbon footprint and aim to continuously review out packaging to make sure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

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