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The best Retro Sweets delivery in the UK. Free Delivery. Join for under £9.



The best traditional sweets delivery.


Enjoy the sweetest nostalgia with our monthly retro sweets hamper.

Go back to your childhood in a flying saucer and share some bubblegum balls and chocolate limes with your friends. If the names of those sweets fill you with nostalgia then our Retro Sweets subscription is the one for you. Each month you’ll receive a retro sweets delivery stuffed to the brim with a variety of the classic traditional sweets of yesteryear, from Dip Dabs to Fiz Whizz, Pips and Sherbet – only available if you sign up to our monthly sweets delivery. We created this box to bring back memories.


How does our retro sweets delivery work?

Simply select your preferences for billing schedule and size from the drop downs, then click ‘sign up’ to add the selection to your basket. If you’d like to order multiple monthly boxes, you can continue shopping then checkout using your basket. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a notification. From there, you’ll receive a delivery at the end of each month full of amazing traditional sweets to enjoy and the possibilities are endless. Keep an eye on our blog for sweets and candy related posts which will include recipes, facts, competitions and more.

If you’re a fan of candy from across the Atlantic, take a look at our Monthly American Candy Box.




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