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Sweet Subscription Box UK

  • Sweet subscription box
  • For the UK only at this time
  • The tastiest treats delivered to your door



The sweetest deliveries, month after month.

Think back to the sweet shop on the corner, you know the one by the playground where you and your mates used to play before picking up some penny sweets with your pocket money. Then flash forward to pick n mix at Woolworths or the pick n mix at the local cinema before you saw the latest movie with your kids. Now imagine a box of those memories delivered to your door every month, the most delicious treats and candies.

Each month you’ll receive a selection of treats, chocolate and snacks, sometimes drinks too.

When you open your delivery, you’ll find it stuffed to the brim with a variety of the tastiest treats and goodies from Toffee Bonbons and fizzy bubblegum bottles to Nerds, Haribo gummy bears and sour worms too.

There’s something for everyone, that we can guarantee.

How do sweet subscriptions work?

Choose how long you’d like to subscribe for, from 3, 6 or 12 months and the size you’d like. Add your selection it to your basket and finish the checkout process by paying with your card.

You’ll receive a box of sweet treats, chocolate and snacks every single month until your subscription is over. At that point, we’ll let you know it’s due for renewal but the choice is yours, no pressure! We don’t charge delivery, the price you see if the price you pay and that’s how it’s staying.

You can purchase sweets subscription boxes for either yourself or others as a gift so long as they’re in the same country, the UK. We’ll just need their address and if you want to buy subscriptions for multiple people, just let us know once you’ve ordered and we’ll make sure each box ends up at the right place each month.

As is always the case with our online sweets shop, orders placed before 3PM will be packed and despatched the same day. If you’re in our local area then we’ll actually deliver them ourselves on the same day.

We also have an American candy subscription box available too, which works in a similar way with a mixture of productsdrinks and chocolate. It’s filled with the tastiest American treats, including some unique snacks that aren’t available anywhere else.



Sweet Subscription FAQs

Can I buy this as a gift?

Yes, you just need to let us know who it’s for and where to send it.

Can you offer this sweets subscription internationally?

Unfortunately, we can’t at this time but we hope to do it in the future. We could send it to a UK address and they can forward it on? We have previously arranged orders to places as far away as the Philippines but it’s very unpredictable. Send us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

How come you charge upfront rather than every time like other monthly subscriptions?

This decision was driven by our customers. Especially those that were purchasing as gifts for relatives, they preferred paying 6 or 12 months up front rather than having a regular debit leave their bank account.

When will my sweet subscription be despatched?

Your first box of snackstreats and drinks will be sent the same day that you place your order and we aim to get it to you the next day. Try to order earlier in the day if you want it sooner.


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