Red and White Sweet Cones

  • Red and white sweet cones
  • Contains mini strawberry pencils
  • The tastiest addition to your party


Red and White Sweet Cones

We all know what it’s like, you’re running around frantic about that party you’re arranging next week. So far, you’ve managed invitations, some food, music but you’re short for ideas for party bags and little accompaniments like that. They’re quite pricy though and you know that deep down, most of it ends up in the bin and the plastic toys get discarded somewhere. Not good.

Save yourself a hassle, guilt and money and pick up these red and white sweet cones today. Select the quantity from the drop down, add them to your basket, checkout and we’ll handle the rest.

They contain marshmallows, mini strawberry pencils, millions and can be ordered into the thousands at one time or as few as 10 cones for the smaller gathering.

If you’re a fan of sweets, check out our sweets subscription box, it’s a monthly box of sweet goodness and every one is packed with the tastiest treats. It’s an experience worth having!


Can these be personalised?

If you’d like personalise these sweet cones then get in touch with us about it. Personalisation options include labels and the selection of sweets inside. Usually they’ll cost the same unless you require some fancy design work. These will need to be paid for up front via a different system.

Can I also order pick n mix sweets online to be delivered at the same time for the same party?

Yep, this is quite a common request all we ask is that you let us know that the orders are for the same date otherwise we’d have no idea.

Can I order different sweet cones at a time, like a mixed batch of them in different colours?

You can but you’ll need to let us know about that so we do it correctly and the products are perfect for your needs.

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