Rainbow Sweet Cones

  • Rainbow sweet cones
  • Jazzies, Rainbow drops, marshmallows and flying saucers
  • Start at £1


We all know what it’s like. One of the little ones is having a gathering and you’re having to sort through a long list of tasks, chores and shopping to make sure everyone’s happy. From music, food and entertainment to keeping the children happy, organising a party is no small task.

Rainbow Sweet Cones are the perfect match to your colourfully themed party. They’re the stuff of wonder, captivating and a piece of magic that trails across the sky, capturing imaginations and inspiring stories of mystery and fortune.

These sweet cones contain a range of sweets that changes from time to time but matches the theme. The ones pictured have Rainbow Drops, fluffy marshmallows, white chocolate jazzies and flying saucers too.

How to order:

Simply add the rainbow coloured sweet cones to your basket along with any other products you want to  purchase and follow the checkout process to the end. We’ll then pack them up ready to be sent. We can do this the same evening unless you’re wanting customisations, which you’d be best contacting us about before ordering, to make sure we can do it.

If you’re in the local area, we can often delivery the same day provided your order is in stock and is ordered before 3PM.

For larger parties or events:

We’ll need extra notice to make sure these sweet treat cones get to you in good time for your larger event. We’ve made cones for occasions with over 1,000 guests so just let us know the date you need them by and we’ll make sure they’re there on time, stress free!

We can also provide sweets for any occasion, even if it’s just a Friday day with a film, check out our sweet deliveries page for more information.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I customise these?

You can, we often offer customised labels or tags, this is mostly for kids parties or baby shows. Just send us a message and we”ll be able to help.

Do you deliver weeks in advance?

No, we aim to deliver for events the night before. If we get these to you too far in advance they won’t be okay to eat and any contents like marshmallows could be really deflated by then.

Can I order different kinds of cones for the same event?

Yes. We often have mixed themes for boys or girls at the same party. Boys often prefer Dinosaurs and brains whereas girls seem to like the hearts, rainbows and marshmallows.

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