Promotional Sweets With Logo

  • Increase conversations at events
  • A chance to build rapport with your prospects
  • Affordable promotional sweets with your logo on
  • Universal giveaway to get the most out of events




If you’re looking for cheap promotional sweets with your logo and branding for an event then we have an affordable option for you(though we don’t approve of the word ‘cheap’ your business should always strive for quality.) They’re tasty, classic retro sweets or American Candy  in little organza or cello branded sweet bags – your logo is printed on the label. Prices start at £0.85p per bag so they are a particularly affordable solution to increasing engagement at corporate events. Each bag of promotional sweets is an opportunity to engage in conversation with your prospects and potential customers at events, so the return on investment is significant – so long as you engage.

Bags of Promotional Sweets with Your Logo:

Please take a look at the table below for pricing guidelines, there are for the bags of promotional sweets with your logo and branding in cello or organza bags – anything more bespoke will need unique pricing so get in touch for a quote! Prices are per unit with 50 bags as the minimum order.

Style 50 100 250 500
Organza 1.05 1.02 0.98 0.95
Cello 1.09 1.06 1.03 0.99

Of all the corporate branded gift bags that business have used over the years, our sweets are the universal giveaway that leaves the sweetest taste in your customers mouths and sets up the perfect opportunity for building rapport.

FAQs about our promotional bags of sweets:

Do you offer any other branded sweet bags?

Yes we do. Take a look at our corporate sweets page and you’ll see the full range from bags of American candy and retro sweets through to branded pick and mix displays. If there’s something else you’re looking for, let us know as we often help companies with unusual requests.

How do you get our logo on the tags?

We need you to send us a print quality version of your logo. The higher the quality, the clearer our printing systems will print it. We then pull the logo into design software and print them in large batches. They then go through a cutting process and get attached to each bag one by one.

I need to order 1500 bags of promotional sweets, how do I do that as I don’t see an option?

Please contact us directly for quantities over 250 using our contact us form. You may be able to get a significant discount depending on what you’re looking for from your branded sweets.

We attend 20 events per year but don’t want to store 1,000s of bags of sweets, can you deliver them to us in time for each event rather than all at once?

Yes, you can order that way and if you pay in one go, you’ll be able to take advantage of larger order discounts. Please use our contact us page to get in touch and we’ll be able to help you from there. The other thing you’ll need to consider is how many different deliveries you’ll need for these as that can result in increased costs.

I’m looking for promotional sweets with my logo and branding details but I also want my contact details on the tag, like a business card. Is this something BonBonVille can do?

Yes, you can have your contact details on the tag, just like a business card, this is something we’ve done before but you’ll have to keep in mind that the tags are quite small and if you want to put a lot of detail on them, the tag may need to be designed, cut and printed as a little booklet. Contact us directly to discuss it further and we will be able to put together a specific and accurate quote for you.

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