Monthly Chocolate Subscription Box

A monthly chocolate subscription box filled with the finest treats in the UK. Get your chocolate delivery today, we do not charge for postage.


The thing with chocolate is, the easier it is to find, the worse it tends to be. Sorry, but we all know that’s the truth. Sure, we gobble down on cheap and cheerful chocs…but those high street bars just don’t have the magical qualities of a decent chocolate from a chocolatier. That’s a simple statement of fact, and any dedicated chocolate tasters you meet will agree. The problem of course, is getting hold of that choice chocolate when you want it. And that’s where Coco Express comes in – chocolate delivery straight to you, a monthly chocolate subscription box of sweet subtle artisan goodness for you to enjoy alone, or with someone special who deserves a delectable treat almost as much as you do.

How does our monthly chocolate subscription box work?

Chocolate delivery every month? Well, you can’t have too much of a good thing. And we’ve made the process for getting a monthly chocolate box very straightforward. Have a look at the dropdown menus, and simply select your preferences about billing and size. Then all you do is click ‘sign up’, and we add your choice to your basket. You’ll receive your first box at the end of the month that you place the order. You can order multiple memberships, if there are chocolate tasters, in your life, you’d like to share this opportunity with, and those lucky people will get a chocolate delivery too. (Oh, and if they’re vegan – or you are -then please take a look at our Vegan Chocolate Box.) At the end of the payment process you’ll get a notification…after that, we recommend spending some quality time doing whatever it is will make you feel even better about tucking into your monthly chocolate subscription box when it arrives.

Sharing the love:

You might already know the background to BonBonville, and how gifts of chocolate from his grandparents were a way of letting company founder Christopher Robin know he was cared for.  Your first monthly chocolate box will be delivered at the end of the month you sign up. Check out what we’re up to on Instagram and Facebook and you’ll find out more.


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