Haribo 1kg


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Everyone loves Haribo. We’ve never heard a soul say otherwise. Whether you love fizzy ones, chewy taffy style treats of the gummy kind, there’s something in this pouch for everyone.

This is a kilo pouch of mixed Haribo sweets. This is a Haribo 1kilo pouch filled to the brim with mixed Haribo sweets that’s already bagged up for shipping so will be despatched the same day you order. The contents of this pack are not guaranteed and may vary from what we have listed on our website, but it should contain at least one item from each category below:

Each pouch includes a variety of Haribo sweets from the list below:

Yellow Belly snakes
Rhubarb and custards
Jelly Beans
Maoam Stripes
Maoam Bloxx
Terrific Turles
Jelly Men
Giant Strawbs
Fizzy giant cola bottles
giant cola bottles
Bubblegum bottles
Haribo giant Dummies
Heart Throbs
Freaky Fish

We despatch all Haribo 1kg pouches the same day.

Nutritional information:

As this is a large mixed bag the nutrition varies but you can find more information on each individual product page by reading the nutritional tables and checking for allergens etc. You’ll also be able to find a list of ingredients in each product description. They’re linked in the list above to make it easier to check individual ingredients.

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