Foxs glacier mints


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The iconic Fox’s Glacier Mint was developed by confectioner Eric Fox in 1918 and over 100 years later this is still a firm favourite. In 1918, the clear mints started to be produced on a larger scale and sold in glass jars and named Clear Mint Fingers! A bit fancier than your standard mints or paper bagged penny sweets – these are are your premium mints. Everyone is familiar with the glacier mint. The uniquely translucent mint, closely resembling a miniature block of ice (or glacier) is a firm family favourite for both young and old. The brand mascot, Peppy the Polar Bear is often depicted proudly standing on a Fox’s Glacier Mint on the packaging of these classic mints. Not only do these mints look unique, but their taste is like no other mint. These peppermint mints, with their natural mint oils, give you a super-fresh, minty taste which is perfect for a long car journey, walk or simply to enjoy at home. Containing no additional colouring, glacier mints are individually wrapped and great to eat on the go. They are perfect for popping a couple in your bag for later!

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