Diabetic Gift Box

The best chocolate for diabetics and sugar free sweets in a diabetic gift basket. The finest diabetic chocolate with free delivery.

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Great tasting diabetic chocolate treats and sugar free sweets in a diabetic gift basket!

You know all about the downsides of being a diabetic, as a sufferer or someone who is close to one. We’re here to make sure you know you can still enjoy sweet treats – and whatever your experience so far, we can guarantee you’ll love the diabetic confectionery we’ve sourced. We’ll arrange for you to receive a diabetic gift basket containing diabetic chocolate gifts including sugar free sweets, and chocolate bars for diabetics.

It’s easy to check out what we have on offer – images are over on Instagram, and you can discover what customers are saying on our Facebook page. We’re here to serve the diabetic community, and keen to know what you’ve got to say about the confectionery you can still enjoy. We’re confident that what we’ve searched far and wide for is the very best chocolate for diabetics.

What’s included in this diabetic gift basket?

You’ll get as much as we can cram in and the contents vary from the picture, though that was a standard size box we created recently! Each parcel includes the best chocolate for diabetics, sugar free sweets and diabetic chocolate gifts – all the things you thought you couldn’t have. Well, you can have those treats if they meet the right requirements, which is something we look into scrupulously when we check out potential suppliers. a lot of mixed feelings about diabetic chocolate so we’ve carefully considered them and only put the very best in our diabetic gift basket and we’re happy to work hard to make sure we give you the highest quality every time.

There’s even a Diabetic Subscription to subscribe to – featuring the finest chocolate bars for diabetics!

We also offer a monthly diabetic box, our Coco Express Subscription (link to CX), which varies in content each time. Some months it could have a wide range of cookies and chocolate bars for diabetics, next time round hot chocolate sachets, truffles and sugar free sweets – all suitable for those living with diabetes. Check out our Retro Sweets Subscription and American Candy Subscription pages to see mouth-watering inspirations for products we’re looking for diabetic versions of.

Please make sure that you or the person you are buying this for monitors their blood sugar closely and has their diabetes under control before purchasing. Though the contents are all diabetic friendly, each person responds differently and your health is very important.

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