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American Candy Favourites

The best American candy gift box filled with the tastiest treats from across America. You asked us to put together a box of the best American candy and here it is, with free delivery.

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The Best American Candy Gift Box!

You’ve been asking us to put together the best American Candy gift box for a while, so we’ve been happy to eat our way through all the treats we could find to put together a box of our top candy choices – and here it is; our American Candy Favourites.

So What’s The Best American Candy?

The current boxes include a Reese’s Big Cup, Reese’s Pieces, Cream Twinkies, Toxic Waste sour candy, two different kinds of chocolate covered Oreos, Pop Rocks, Warheads Sour Twists, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream and a Hershey’s Payday – the best American candy delivery (UK) with free delivery.

If you’re a super huge fan of sweet treats from the USA, just like us, then take a look at the rest of our American Candy range from little boxes of candy miniatures for children’s parties to American Candy subscription boxes featuring hard to find candy and treats. If you have any questions about this American Candy gift box, then please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to help.

To place an order, simply add the box to your basket checkout and pay, we’ll handle the rest! With every order we aim to dispatch the box the very next day. These boxes come with free delivery so you won’t get any nasty or confusing surprises when you go to checkout.

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