Candy Drop - American Candy Subscription Box

  • Monthly American candy mystery box
  • UK candy subscription box – exclusively
  • Each month contains at least 6 different candies
  • Free delivery
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Meet Candy Drop, our Monthly American Candy Box!

So you love American candy too? Can you imagine a more delicious way to start each month than the arrival of a box of the tastiest American candy treats?? A lot of our candyheads buy our monthly American Candy mystery box as a super delicious gift that keeps on giving as each month passes by.

So far we’ve included a long list of American chocolate and candy as you’ll see from the many photos throughout this page.

How Does Our American Candy Subscription Box Work?

You can buy a single American candy mystery box, which will contain a surprise assortment of American treats or you can purchase 3, 6 or 12 months of them too. It’s a candy subscription but instead of being billed each month, you pay for the term you’d like up front and then, if you’d like to continue, you can purchase another year!

If you want to purchase Candy Drop as a gift then we can either deliver it to that lucky person’s address or your own – whichever is better for you.

Every monthly box contains a variety of treats, no month will be the same. You’ll receive a surprise assortment of the best American candy treats from Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Warheads, Nerds, Butterfingers and many more.

One month you could receive a super delicious assortment of super sour candies with some Laffy Taffy and Hershey’s milk chocolate bars and another month you could receive Air heads, Toxic Waste, Milk Duds, Nerds and some sodas.

What’s the difference between the sizes and months?

Candy Subscription Box Sizes:

Size Contents
Mini 4-6 American Candy items
Standard 10-12 Candies each month including sodas and cakes
Extra Up to 20 items each month including sodas and cakes

Amount of American Candy Deliveries:

Months Discount
1 Month Full Price
3 Months 5%
6 Months 10%
12 Months 15%


Take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages and if you’d like the chance to win chocolate each month, sign up to our Candy Giveaway!

UK Candy Subscription box FAQs:

When can I expect my first American Candy Delivery?

We will dispatch the very next day, so you should expect your first American Candy Subscription a few days after ordering.

Can I order a single American Candy Mystery box to try it out first?

You can! Make sure you select the ‘1 month’ option from the drop down and add it to your basket. This will mean you only purchase a single box and it won’t be a longer term candy subscription box.

Is Candy Drop a UK candy subscription box or is it for the USA?

Yes, Candy Drop is exclusively a UK candy subscription box. We only deliver to the UK and don’t currently deliver to Europe or the rest of the world either.

If I order Candy Drop for 6 months, what happens at the end?

You’ll receive 6 monthly candy subscription boxes. Once the 6 months is over, we’ll send you a notification and a chance to sign up for another time, sometimes with special offers included!

Do I have to pay delivery for every monthly subscription box of candy?

There is no delivery charge for Candy Drop, the monthly candy subscription boxes are exactly the price you see in your basket, there are no hidden costs or extras. You simply choose the size and pay, we’ll delivery it and you then get to enjoy the tastiest American candy treats.

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