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The Best Pick n Mix Sweets

Pick ‘n’ mix includes a large variety of sweets made by many different companies. Pick n Mix is generally considered unbranded. There are a few exceptions like Haribo and Bassett’s but many companies make their own versions of the treats using just as many different recipes. Variety is the spice of life and all!

At BonBonVille, we’re committed to giving you the best quality pick ‘n’ mix sweets for a great price with excellent delivery times and pretty labels! The goal is to leave the sweetest taste in the mouths of our customers. That’s all the way from placing your order right through to enjoying your sweets.

It’s been quite the adventure but we’ve searched high and low to make sure we can keep stock of the highest quality Pick n mix sweets. Some of them are popular brands like Cadbury. Haribo and Swizzels and others are made by much smaller local companies. We’re confident you’ll enjoy them all the same.

We work closely with our suppliers so if there’s something we don’t appear to have in stock, make sure you send us a message. We’re confident we’ll be able to find the sweets you’re looking for. If you’re buying these sweets as a present, we’ll put it all in a fancy gift box for you!

This month, our best selling sweets are golden bears, Haribo friendship rings, cherry bon bons, sour worms, bubblegum bottles, cola bottles, coconut mushrooms and crispy toffee M&Ms.

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