Pick N Mix Sweets Online

Pick and Mix Sweets Online!

It’s not just the sweet taste, it’s the memories of happy times shared with loved ones too. Can you remember a time, biting into your favourite sweet treat surrounded by the people you love? You deserve to have more of those happy together times and we’re more than happy to provide the sweets to complement it perfectly!

Can you  also remember going to local sweet shops with your pocket money? You’d pick your favourites from the range of sweets, usually with your family there too, choose the quantity and the whole thing was an experience, one you’d remember long into adulthood.

You’d visit the corner shop, after school, with your mates too and may have picked up some flying saucers before heading home to play games. Nostalgia is amazing feeling, chances are our Retro sweets will bring back more of those memories.

There aren’t many sweet shops anymore, we’re an online shop and can offer a wide range of the freshest sweets.

Choose from all your favourite traditional sweets including bonbons, Haribo, Smarties, mini eggs, cola bottles and so many more. What’s even more exciting is that if you’re arranging a special occasion we can supply an entire pick n mix buffet too.

If you’re wanting to buy pick n mix online but don’t see your favourites, send us a message.

Show Me The Full Pick n Mix Range!

These are for the hungrier customers! An entire kilo bag of treats, sealed in a pouch so they remain fresh. 

You can fill a bag with a single treat or mix up to 12 of your favourites and we’ll put your selection in a pouch ready to be despatched. 

Simply choose your favourites and either add them to your basket or send us a message to place an order. If you’re local, in the Chichester or Bognor Regis area, then we can sometimes deliver it the same day so long as we have them all in stock and it’s early enough in the day. 

Our Best Selling Pick n Mix Sweets!

Monthly Pick n Mix Delivery

Are you struggling to decide which sweets to choose? That’s okay, we find it hard to choose between them too, sometimes we want to mush them all together and have a super sweet ball of goodness! Maybe that’s just us though….

Take a look at our monthly box of sweets. It’s a monthly box of the tastiest pick n mix sweets like fizzy Cola bottles, penny sweets or foam bananas. You can sign up for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year!

The second best thing about this sweets subscription, because there’s no beating the treats themselves, is that there are no recurring payments. You pay for what you want up front and will have a monthly pick n mix delivery to enjoy from then on, making for the sweetest start to the month!

Monthly Retro Sweets Hamper
Sweet cones image

If you’re having a party, have you thought about personalised sweet cones to match the theme? You could even have a personalised message thanking your friends for coming along to the party! 

You could even have vegan, halal, dairy free whatever you need for your guests. Take a look at the sweet cones range by clicking the button below and if you don’t see what you want, get in touch as we’ll be able to help!

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