Branded Sweets

Have the sweetest impact on your customers, prospects and employees.

Corporate Sweets

Most people love a good sweet and as far as promotional products go, edible goodies never fail to have an impact and they’re cost effective too. Whether you want to send thanks to a customer or an employee or use branded promotional sweets as part of your prospecting strategy, you can’t beat our wide range for having an impact.

To make sure our treats resonate with everyone possible, these quality sweets come in vegan, vegetarian, halal and standard options with retro sweets, American candy and pick n mix variations too. If you have any questions about dietary requirements that aren’t mentioned on this page, contact us with the form at the bottom of this page. Whether you need 20 bags or 5,000 for events across the year, contact us for more information.

Sweets for corporate events

Promotional sweets can go down a treat at events, pun intended. They can be a big attraction, at your exhibition stand. 

Having been there ourselves, we know just how much busier our stand gets when we have a bowl of treats available, especially when they’re branded and the colours match our brand guidelines too. 

So far, our range has been used at private events and forums of 10-50 people, exhibitions with thousands of attendees over many days and celebration days too.


Promotional Sweets with Logo

Promotional sweets to say thank you

Sweet cones image

Sometimes it’s nice to know that people care of have been thinking about you. That once in a while, you mean something and in business, this can be great for staff moral or showing your customers some appreciation. 

Even if it’s just an affordable sweet treat, it’s the thought that really has the impact, including someone and caring enough to show appreciation. This could then end up on social media. Promo sweets work in many ways and come with many benefits, spreading a little bit of happiness and improving relationships in a really subtle but thoughtful way. Corporate gifts don’t have to cost the earth.

What are your options with branded sweets?

Corporate Branding options include printed labels and matching sweet colours to your brand too, that way, it’s all very nicely coordinated.

You can also choose types of treat to include in the bags. if you’re not too bothered about the sweet colours matching your branding, we can include any treats from our online sweet shop. These could include jelly beans, chocolates, retro sweets like pink and white mice, Refreshers and toffee bonbons or Haribo jellies including yellow belly snakes, rhubarb and custards and golden bears.

On top of that, they come as sweet cones, small bags and boxes depending on your needs and can also come as vegan, halal and vegetarian too but we can handle bespoke requirements too.

How to order your branded sweets:

Fill out the order form below or call our corporate sweets team (we usually call them gnomes but we have to be serious and wear suits right?) They’ll help you fill out the form and work out exactly what you need. it’s the same process but if you need a hand, we’re here to help. You’ll then receive pricing and we’ll need your logo to put on the labels and to agree colours.

Once we’re at an agreement and you’ve paid, the candy gnomes…we mean, ‘customer success officers’ will get down to work.

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