When did Opal Fruits change to Starburst?

They were first introduced in the 60s, a long time ago but in 1998 they changed their name to Starburst, much to the confusion of their fans.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of Starbursts, these soft Taffy sweets, they’re one of the juiciest taffy style treats, you’re likely to encounter.

A photo of 2 packets of Opal Fruits on a white background.

I remember the days visiting the local Spar for a pack of them, maybe some Dweebs candies and maybe a pack of BonBons (what are bonbons?)when they were of a decent size, not the mouse-go-kart wheels we have now. 

From then, they went on to make Joosters, which had the same refreshing fruit flavours, the same chewy sweets on the outside but with a fruit juice centre. 

Check out this classic ad from the 1970s: Opal fruits made to make your mouth water

Opal Fruits Flavours

The original flavours were:

strawberry, lemon, orange and lime.

When they became Starbursts, Mars added 2 new flavours to the lineup of original flavours:

A lemon and Lime sweet and blackcurrant flavour too.

Everyone has a favourite and one they’d gladly put in the bin. For me? I like the green or ones best but I’m not so keen on the purple ones. I’m a bit like that with Quality Street, I’m the only person I know that actually eats the orange cream ones.

Where can I buy opal fruits?

They made a special return last year, B&M stores started stocking Starburst sweets repackaged in the classic, Opal Fruits packaging which we’re certain Retro treat lovers would have adored. Though unfortunately, they quickly disappeared again after Mars ended the promotion.

Teasing us with nostalgia for a limited time only, even down to the original flavours too. You can buy Starbursts from our online sweet shop but for now, until they make a return, the old variety aren’t currently available.

When sweets change names

They often change branding, packaging artworks and flavours too, which can be a little confusing and fans often feel emotional about it too.

It’s similar to the transition that Marathon bars made when they became Snickers or when Raider bars became Twix in Germany but for some reason, that was less of a big deal to the nation. In my opinion, Snickers is a better name and I don’t actually remember them being called ‘Marathon’ bars.

There was no difference in the brands, they were the same products, simply renamed and repurposed much to the confusion of retro sweet lovers.


When did Opal Fruits change their name?

If you’re the sort of person that finds the thought of Starbursts fruity sweets triggers your taste buds and least you daydreaming of the fondest memories of times that have been on gone, you sound just like me.

Instead of screaming with nostalgia at the memories, take a look at our Pick n Mix sweets deliveries. If you’re local to the store and the items, products and brands are in stock then we can often package and deliver the same day. If you’re not local, we can still pack and despatch that same evening.

We try to stock as many retro sweets as possible in our online sweet shop to keep those memories flooding back from happy times,

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