What's a Raider bar?

A long time ago, in a shop not too far away, probably the equivalent of the Spar shop on the corner but in Germany. There was once a biscuit and caramel sweet known as a ‘Raider bar.’

It was a caramel delight, covered in chocolate but it changed its name. These days it’s referred to as a Twix, even in Europe.

a picture of the Twix and Raider bar on a white background

Born in 1976 to momma and poppa Mars and a classic 70s sweet, a chocolate caramel beaut of a snack was born and given the slightly surprising name, ‘Raider.’ It’s an odd name and I much prefer Twixes myself, mostly because I’m not old enough to know of them, nor was I born in Germany.

In 1991, I was probably toddling my way around a front room, drawing pictures of my cat, that looked more like a mess of spaghetti on the wall and that would have been the UK, a few hundred miles away.

Another sweet that changed its name.

It was a Raider all the way up until 1991, believe it or not. They were introduced in Germany and France, first of all but quickly appeared in the UK too with the name we know so well.

"Raider heißt jetzt Twix—sonst ändert sich nix,"

When it came to announcing the name change from Raider Bars to Twix, a German ad campaign featured these iconic words as the title. It translates to something similar to ‘the insides are the same, all that’s changed is the name.’

It’s really interesting as that’s become a slang phrase in Germany to negatively describe things that don’t change in anything but appearance. You could use it to describe politicians when an election comes up if you feel cynical about the outcome.

Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly

The Raider became the Twix, the family favourite biscuit, or at least one of mine. Since, it’s spawned many variations over the years including the mega Twix, Twix white chocolate, Twix Fudge, Twix Mint, Twix mini, Twix miniatures and I could go on and on there’s been that many. 

The one thing that seems to remain in almost all versions is that it’s the winning combination of a biscuit, topped with caramel and wrapped in chocolate.

This change was less traumatic than the Opal Fruits rebrand to Starburst in 1998, which upset a lot of people, some of which can’t seem to let it go. It’s probably down to the fact it always had 2 names and they just brought them all in line as a single brand.

Where can I buy Raider bars?

If you have a time machine handy, you could probably time travel and find the product for sale in most corner shops in Germany or Austria in 1989 but the name was switched to match the rest of the world for the 1990s. 

Not too long after that, you could still get the same bar but in Twix form instead, the caramel, chocolate bar of wonder that it is.

Twix bars are still available for sale, almost everywhere including our online sweet shop and I’d imagine you’ll be able to pick them up for the next 20 years at least. A world without a Twix break, doesn’t sound like a good one to me.

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