What happened to Dweebs candies?

What happened to Dweebs candies?

We all know Nerds candies. You might even have some fond memories of going to the corner shop, after school and picking up a pack (or maybe 2) with your pocket money alongside a bar of IRN BRU, some Refreshers or Opal Fruits or even a Jammy Wagon Wheel or some classic Toffee BonBons. Oh those were the days.

You might even remember their long lost cousin, Dweebs. I say ‘long lost cousin,’ as Dweebs sweets vanished off the face of the Earth some time in the middle of the 90s, never to be seen again.

As a sweet shop, we know that it’s impossible to get hold of them but you can get regular Nerds in giant shipments if you like.

A picture of the packet of Dweebs sweets

Dweebs were sort of seen as a variety of Nerds sweets, some people thought they were a rip-off version but they were actually made by the same company.

They’re a slightly larger version, chewy, soft and round, instead of the weird random share that nerds are but they’re just as tasty, in fact, some people preferred them.

Dweebs candy flavours

Each pack was jam-packed with 3 different flavours. Each flavour had a different section on the packet that you could actually seal closed and save for later.

Flavours included:

Punch, Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry

For a short while there was also a special version called ‘Super Sour Dweebz,’ but sadly, they dissappeared just as quickly. They were artificially flavoured and came in a very similar packet with an equally funky design.

They were manufactured by the same company as Nerds, that’s ‘The Willy Wonka Candy Company’ who are actually owned by Nestle.



Where can I buy Dweebs sweets?

You can’t. They’re no longer available for pruchase as they were officially discontinued a long time ago. You can still by Nerds, which have many more flavours available. You can read about them at this dedicated Nerds candy page.

If you search online for them, you might find someone who has had a packet tucked away in their cupboard for the past 25 years but it’s very unlikely they’ll be safe to eat, they might be flourescent by now though? In the radioactive sense.

Before you go, here's a nerd fact for you:

Rumour has it that They were named after an animal in a Dr. Seuss book called ‘If I Ran the Zoo.’

Nerds were these weird creatures that he used to collect to add to his stock of animals.

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