What are nerds sweets?

They’re strange little things, like something from outer space. Tasty, sour…crunchy and completely unique as a candy.

Nerds sweets are a thing of nostalgia and an icon of sweets from the 80s, sort of like sticks of rock but in a miniature, crunchy form.

Wonka Rainbow Nerds Candy 5oz

Most people can look back to a time in their childhood and remember picking up a box of these sugar crystals from outer space but they’ve probably never asked themselves, ‘What are nerds made of?

What is that delightful, delicious, crunchy treat that I’m putting in my mouth? How does it taste so good?’

Well guys, we’re about to find out.

You can eat the blue Nerd and continue living life without this knowledge or you can eat the red one and become a nerds sweets, nerd by reading on. If you want to take it further and you have the time, you can read about their long lost cousin, the chewy version called Dweebs candy.

What are nerds made of?

They’re really simple in terms of ingredients, sugar crystals with thick coats of sugar. They mostly contain the same 3, let’s call it the nerdy triad, but they’re then flavoured in batches and each flavour has slightly different ingredients and quantities of each.

Each sweet contains a sucrose crystal (it’s an individual sugar crystal per nerd,) which is why they’re such a weird shape.

They’re rolled in something called Carnauba wax, the thick layers of sugar coating gives them the classic crunchiness and a shiny, gloss texture.

Nerds ingredients

They’re mostly made of sugar, dextrose, which is another sugar and malic acid. They have a small amount of corn syrup, less than 2% and are flavoured in separate barrels sort of like whiskey, before being put into boxes with complementary flavours.

Each barrel contains colouring and artificial flavours and each box is branded differently. These are the packets you used to purchase at the sweet shop, with your pals after school. Maybe you still do?

Nerds flavours

Over the years, there have been a lot of varieties of Nerds candies they’re a popular candy. They each come with a different colourful packet and incredibly tasty pieces of candy.

Surf ‘n Turf – Totally Tropical Punch and Road Rash Raspberry

Strawberry and Grape

Wild Cherry and Watermelon

Watermelon and Punch and Wildberry

Sour   Lightning Lemon and Amped Apple

Mango Chile and Guava El Mango Fuego

Double Dipped Lemonade -Wild Cherry and Apple-Watermelon

Wildberry and Peach

Neons – Pinktricity and Electro Orange

Seasonal varieties sometimes make an appearance, often with a holiday theme. Flavours have included the list below and more:

Spooky – a Halloween pack including the fruit punch and orange candies.
Frosty – a Christmas seasonal variation that included watermelon cherry and fruit punch.
Valentine – a Valentine’s day variety in a miniature box featuring mixed strawberry and fruit punch.
Hoppin’ – an Easter packet featuring pink rainbow and blue rainbow flavours.

They come with a larger variety of flavours, with many additions appearing for a short while only.

From themed packets for special occasions to one off extra sour Nerds etc. it’s almost impossible to keep track of every kind that’s ever been released, though we’ve probably eaten most of them!

Are nerds vegetarian candies?

Nerds candy is vegetarian so long as the person eats palm oil, which a lot of vegan and vegetarians don’t due to the damage it causes to the environment.

They aren’t vegan though, some flavours contain carmine, which is not a vegan ingredient, it comes from an insect. In order to enjoy these candies as a vegan, you’d have to avoid the pink and red flavours, which are found in almost every pack as those are the candies that contain carmine.

How did they get their name?

It’s rumoured that they were named after these weird creatures in a Dr Seuss book for children.

The narrator would go around trying to catch these animals for his zoo. They were called ‘Nerds,’ and in the same book, they refer to the cereal too.

‘If I ran the Zoo’ was the first book to ever feature the word ‘nerd,’ and from there grew its many forms, include these types of candy and the mean word people often use to describe smart people.

Over 4 Decades since their first appearance in the 1980s, Nerds are still standing strong as a favourite American candy and are purchased in their millions across the globe, each year.

We stock a large range of them including Rainbow Nerds and many of the other varieties too, even Nerds on a rope.

If you order before 3PM, we despatch them on the same day from our online sweet shop.

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