Top 3 Diabetic Chocolate Bars

As we’ve recently put together an exciting diabetic gift box and due to the amount of you who have been in touch about it, we thought you’d find it helpful to post some insight into decent diabetic treats, starting with the best diabetic chocolate bars. As chocolate is so high in simple, refined sugars and worse still, masses of fats, it’s probably one of the worst choices for someone with diabetes to consider.


1. Pundits Milk Chocolate and Orange Bar

We are huge fans of mixing chocolate with fruity flavours like orange and this diabetic chocolate bar hits the sweet spot. You wouldn’t believe it was diabetic friendly based on taste alone, it’s only when you examine the ingredients and nutritional content that it becomes clear; this is a sugar free chocolate bar that means serious business and would also suit people pursuing low carb diets. It can be purchased from Amazon or as a part of our diabetic gift basket.


Pundits diabetic chocolate bars


2. Guylian 54% Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate Bar

Guylian are a brand that most people know and love, particularly for their amazing boxes of chocolate praline sea shells. The Guylian 54% sugar free chocolate bar is absolutely divine. It ticks the important boxes for a diabetic chocolate bar, including low sugar content, lower fats and an amazing combination of taste and texture.


Guylian Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

3. Cavalier 85% Dark Sugar Free Chocolate Bar with Berries

This Cavalier bar is very strong and very dark chocolate so may not suit your taste, though keep an open mind as the berries open up a whole new dimension of 85% cocoa products. It’s as if they’ve found the perfect matching of flavours, yet this bar is low sugar, sweetened with stevia/polyols, lower fat and can be purchased in a small 60g portion.


Cavalier Sugar Free Chocolate bar


We hope you find this helpful when trying to find some good quality sugar free chocolate bars. If you enjoyed the content, we’re going to be posting a lot more especially for diabetics in the coming weeks.

The BonBonVille Team

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