Time Out chocolate bars, discontinued

If you’ve got 5 minutes, Time Out chocolate bars will sort you out, the dependable snack. At least that used to be the case until they dropped the devastating news that Cadbury had discontinued them.
Another extinct product for the and sweet treat graveyard. Some might be convinced that they’re not actually discontinued but they have been since 2016 and have taken a more wafery form, much to the disappointment of fans.

Time Out Chocolate Bar with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and ice creams.

What were Cadbury Time Out bars?

Originally made in Ireland, these treats took over the globe and were usually sold in pairs and larger packets of lunch box-sized snacks. They were a feature of most Christmas selection boxes and even had Easter eggs with matching mugs. There were single finger versions and chunky ones for sale too, they were easy to spot, with classic blue packaging with red writing on the front.

They were a milk chocolate treat, in finger form a bit like one of the old Banjo bars or a Twix (some might know them as Raider bars). They came complete with the perfect choc to wafer ratio and a ripple of chocolate between each layer. A total classic treat enjoyed by most.

They’ve since replaced them with a Time Out Wafer alternative, which haven’t gone down very well at all, with some fans liking them to ‘Blue Ribband bars’ due to the lack of a decent ripple of chocolate and a much thinner layers of chocolate, particularly on the coating.

I have to say, I do agree with some of the negative reviews, they’re not as good as they were. It’s a completely different bar lacking in the features that made the original a classic that was found in most shops across the country and most kitchens too. Maybe even most lunchboxes?

Why did they discontinue Time Out chocolate bars?

They were discontinued in 7 different regions because of poor sales and the production was moved from Ireland to Poland in 2010.

These regions included the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, South Africa, Canada, New York and Japan. It seems crazy to think they had low enough sales to discontinue them. In these areas, they’ve released new versions of Time Outs but they’ve not stood up to criticism, as mentioned above. Others that suffered a similar fate include Fuse chocolate bars and Flyte bars.

It’s no longer really a two-finger chocolate biscuit wafer and has turned into a less chocolatey treat, some might say ‘an inferior variety’ and it’s also available as a single-bar version.

In Australia, they’ve gone one further as of this year, 2021, the Time Out chocolate bar is now known as the ‘Twirl breakaway.’ We can only speculate as to what happens in other countries where they’ve been discontinued already.

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