Texan Bars - The Mighty Chew!!

Texan bars were a toffee and nougat bar covered with delicious chocolate. This chocolate treat was manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s. 

It was later withdrawn from sale and no longer a feature on shop shelves. Bit of a shame as it was a popular treat

They were milk chocolate covered chew bars. In the 1970s they were a lot large, at least by our memories and when they briefly returned in 2005, appeared to be considerably smaller. 

Or maybe we grew a bit in that time? I feel the same about the old Wagon Wheel too.

Texan chocolate bars

They were nicest when they’d had a chance to warm up a little as their consistency was really quite tough to bite through. On a cold day you could easily loose a tooth to one of these, delicious but hazardous bars. 

Ingredients / nutritional info

Unfortunately, there’s no available nutritional information for these Texan Bars. 

It’s been almost 20 years since they made their reappearance and it’s unlikely they’ll be back but if they do make an appearance, we’ll be sure to update this post!

When was it around and when did it go away again?

The Texan bar was around alongside other retro chocolate bars like the Rumba, Banjo bars and Aztec bars in 70s. It disappeared from sale around the early 1980s

This was probably due to low sales volumes as that’s how chocolate manufacturers behaved at the time, which is tragic as they had quite the fanbase. Another delicious Nestle Milk Chocolate bar for the graveyard of delicious treats.

What other sweets were around at the time?

Alongside Texan chocolate bars were a wide range of other treats available at the time, from the classic Wine Gums, Parma Violets, sherbet lemons and all the classic and delicious sweets you’d hope for. 

The Texan bar advert

This is a really old advert from the 1970s, featuring a cowboy and describing it as the mighty chew, which was a bit like the slogan for the bar.

Why were Texan bars discontinued?

IThe classic treat was removed from shelves in the 1980s with no real explanation. More often than not, these bars come and go because of sales

Has anyone done a petition to get it brought back?

There have been many petitions and groups or pages on Facebook and the bar was brought back in 2005 as a limited ‘nostalgia’ edition of the milk chocolate bar. 

The sweet treat was only available for a limited time.

Is there anywhere you can still buy Texan chocolate bars?

No, unfortunately, Texan Bars have been unavailable for so long that even if you did find one for sale, it would probably be a terrible idea to eat it no matter how hungry you were for a quick snack. 

We’ve also seen the wrappers for sale on auction sites but we’re more interested in the contents.

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