Sweets from the 80s

Being born in the 80s was a profound event. Technology was moving at a fast rate and so was business growth and as a result, the confectionary industry was moving at light speed. Still retro sweets, the sweets from the 80s were a revolution for the taste buds and a real blast of deliciousness.

Some of the all-time best sweets hit their peak in the 80s and they’re definitely retro candies that have left a mark and continue to delight people both young and old. 

80s sweets

Probably the most iconic lolly that ever hit the shelves. Chupa Chips lollies were HUGE in the 80s and this continued in the 90s too. They were a Spanish brand that were sold in over 150 countries across the world, which is an enormous out of turf to be selling these products in. 

It was founded in 1958 and really peaked as an 80s sweet and that continued to the present day. The Spanish word ‘chupar’ means ‘to suck’ and that explains how they got their name. They were sometimes found with a tasty bubble gum core. 

Rainbow Dust Straws

Probably not something many would buy these days as of the excessive plastic tube but Rainbow Dust was a popular treat in the 80s. They came in a few variations, the giant versions and the very small individual flavoured straws. 

They were basically a straw, filled with rainbow coloured sherbet that you’d open by squishing the end together and then pour into your mouth. These were absolutely delicious and suitable for both Vegans and vegetarians while also being gluten and wheat free. 

Of all the retro candies, milk bottle sweets are one of the most classic. Not everyone enjoys them but those that do, tend to love the like milky gummy bottle shapes. 

They’ve been around for many decades but were very popular as an 80s sweet. They tasted a bit like a creamy, sweet milky flavour and fit in nicely in any bag of pick and mix. 

An absolute classic and one of the many kinds of retro sweets. Black Jacks sweets were a kind of chew with a strong aniseed flavour, made from gelatine and a bit like taffy that you can buy in America. 

The older versions were very hard and tough to eat and they’ve recently been made softer, probably to stop people damaging their teeth. The same was true for Fruit Salad Sweets.

Rainbow Brites

These were one of the original, retro classic version of Rainbow belts sweets. They were bright, bold coloured candy strips with a deliciously sour taste and sugary coating. Despite their name, they don’t cover all the colours of the rainbow and are usually in the wrong order but they don’t come from the sky either. 

A pick and mix vintage sweet. The candy necklace that naughtier folk would fire across the room at an unsuspecting pal. You know the drill, trap a delicious sweet bead between your teeth, just enough without breaking it, pull back as far as you can and point your head towards your friend, then bite and watch them run for cover. 

We, of course, don’t advise entering into a candy war with anyone but that was a popular activity in school and at friend’s parties. These candy necklaces were made from hard, fruit candy on an elastic string that you could wear around your neck on nights out. 

If you don’t know what Nerds are check the blog about them, ‘what are nerds sweets?‘ for a ton of depth about them. 

They were tiny crystals of sugar that came in boxes with a couple of contrasting, fruity flavours. Always a welcome addition to a pick and mix and a great party bag filler. This product is still available on the shelves and has had a huge range of flavours added and removed from the line-up over the years.

1980s sweets

This was an assortment of sweets from the 1980s, though not a complete list, still a great list of favourites. Take a look at our other candy by decades posts from the 60s, 70s and 90s to find more amazing vintage, sweet treats from decades gone by. 

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