Do you remember Nestle Secret Chocolate bars?

This tasty treat was originally distributed for sale in the 1980s and survived well into the 90s, with an 15 year run. It was manufactured by Rowntree Mackintosh who were purchased by Nestlé in 1988, they also made Fruit Pastels, KitKats etc. The Nestlé Secret bar was very popular in the UK, with it’s smooth, milk chocolate coating and delicious, creamy moose centre.

If you don’t remember it, you might be too young, it was a chocolate bar with a similar centre to the Walnut Whip. Trust me, you’d have loved it.

Nestle secret chocolate bar on a white background, with blue and pink scattered stripes and some graphic sweets and ice creams

Secret bar Production ended in the late 90s, despite the passionate following the sweet treat had, shocking many, pleasing few but what can you do?

Campaigns to save the delicious treat

There were even petitions launched online to request they bring back the Secret chocolate bar but it’s not yet happened, unfortunately, it’s one product we’d love to see make a return and stock ourselves. There was a similar campaign for Wispa as they were also discontinued in 2003 but came back in 2007 after a petition.

There are existing Facebook pages with 3000 and more followers that are actively campaign for the treat to return. It’s amazing how passionate people can be over bars of chocolate.

What was the Secret Chocolate?

It had a slightly unusual exterior, they referred to it as a ‘bird’s nest-styled chocolate coating’ as it featured lines like straw or twigs crossing over one another, a bit like a nest pattern. Inside was a creamy moose centre. It was a delicious treat.

Campaigns to save the delicious treat

The Television advert featured a lady that you might describe as ‘elegant’ sat on a train. She was handed a bar by a secret agent looking guy, who wanted her to look after it for him while he took care of some bad guys. She couldn’t resist the temptation and sat sneakily eating the bar of chocolate, in secret.

When the man returned, he wanted to know where the bar was, she said ‘it’s gone’ and the ad ended with the man saying ‘you can’t trust anyone to keep a secret.’

Ever so slightly cheesy but that’s the 80s for you.

Where can I buy secret chocolate bars?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy them anywhere anymore as they were discontinued so long ago, around 1998 along with other amazing treats like Dweebs sweets, Flyte bars, Fuse bars and Banjo bars. In the endless cemetery of sweets that once were. We can only hope it gets resurrected.

Why was the Nestle Secret chocolate bar discontinued?

They said it was due to the high production costs and low sales, which is amazing if you think about it because people clearly feel passionate about this one in particular. Those that liked it, absolutely loved it! 

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