Mars Planets Chocolate

The tastiest treats inside our solar system. Mars Planets were another Mars spinoff in the form of milk chocolate balls in a small packet, a little bit like Malteasers or Revels with a mixture of fillings.

Most millennials, and older, will remember them clear as day on offer at the local sweet shop along with Dweebs sweets, the Cadbury Dream bar, Cadbury Rumba and other since discontinued sweet treats and retro chocolate bars. 

Mars Planets Chocolate packet

What's the story?

They made an appearance in the bite-size chocolate market but it came to an end in 2007 when they vanished off the shelves not even leaving a trace of chocolatey space dust. Mars Planets chocolate were temporarily rebranded to ‘Mars Mix’ before they were eventually removed from shops for good.

Another Mars treat sent to great chocolate graveyard in the sky alongside its sister product The Mars Delight Chocolate Bar, which will also be greatly missed.

Mars Planets were a mixed packet selection of chocolate balls each with a centre filled with nougat caramel or delicious crispy biscuit.

When were Mars Planets discontinued?

They were discontinued in 2007 after a short time on the shelves and haven’t returned since, which is rather sad as compared to similar treats, they were amazing and easily the tastiest mixed packet out there.

What were they? 

A wonderful mix of chocolate balls, with a variety of contents from biscuit, caramel chocolate and nougat. This meant that in each bag you’d randomly pick our a soft, crispy of chewy treat. Some might say it was the perfect mixed treats bag as not a single one of them was a bad option to get after dipping your hand in the bag. 

Chewy caramel, soft nougat and light crispy chocolate balls which proved a big hit with customers at the time. 

Can you still buy Mars Planets? 

No, they were discontinued in 2007 and as we’re in the 2020s at this time, any Mars Planets that remain are likely to be particularly hairy and off colour, which isn’t what you want from chocolate products.

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