Mars Delight Chocolate Bar

It was a particularly delicious chocolate treat. The Mars Delight was a retro chocolate bar with a modern, cult following and for good reason, they were one of tastiest milk chocolate treats to hit the shelves since the year 2000. 

They first appeared in 2004 to a great reception and quickly grew a huge following with chocolate lovers up and down the country. Take a look at the image below for this retro chocolate bar in all its glory.

Mars Delight CHocolate Bar Out of the Wrapper

When were they discontinued?

They were only available for a limited time from 2004 through until 2008, when they were discontinued and banished to the graveyard of tasty chocolate treats alongside Nestle Secret Bars, Fuse Bars, Cadbury Astros and the ethereal, white chocolate Cadbury Dream Bar.

The 11 year old chocolate bar


There was an 11-Year-Old chocolate bar that sold for £50 despite it’s age and ever so slightly concerning origins. A man was cleaning a local Co-Op and found the bar down lurking in the murky depths behind the shelves. He listed it on Ebay and it sold for £50. I’m not sure if the person that purchased it was hoping to eat it but you’d hope not after such a long time…

Mars Delight CHocolate Bar

The petition!

There has since been a petition to bring back the Mars Delight that reached over 6,000 signatures. That’s more than a lot of causes get but chocolate is something people feel passionate about, I know I do! Here’s a link to the petition, not that we’re involved in any way:


What was a Mars Delight?

A creamy chocolate bar that lived up to its namesake that quickly and quietly disappeared from the shelves many years ago, in 2008. It featured a core layer of milk chocolate and caramel, another layer of wafer and a delicious chocolate coating. 

It was also one of the most hefty bars in terms of calories as a small 40g bar contained almost 14g of fat.

When was the Delight bar discontinued?

They were discontinued in 2008 after a 4 year life on the shelves of supermarkets up and down the country. It was a period of time that people were starting to take their diets seriously so that may explain why they were discontinued. 

Will Mars Delight return?

It’s unlikely that it will make a return but you never know. Every now and then a retro chocolate bar makes an appearance as a limited edition but it really depends on the manufacturers. 

Is there anywhere that still has Mars Delight chocolate bars for sale?

If there is, they’re probably quite hairy and discoloured by now. As it’s now beyond 2020, the last bars for sale were over 12 years ago, basically a chocolate antique. Would you eat chocolate that was over a decade old? I’m not sure that vintage is something that sweet should be….

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