What about Flyte chocolate bars?

Once upon a time, there was this tasty product from Mars was a bit like a Milky Way bar but came in 2 parts in a single wrapper. Each part was milk chocolate coated nougat, which was also chocolate flavoured too. 

They were discontinued in 2015, no idea why as they were delicious but I suppose Milky Way were and probably always will be a firm favourite with sweet fans?

flyte chocolate bar from Mars Confectionary

Flyte the diet chocolate bar

They were the unusual one that came in Christmas selection boxes, that nobody really celebrated as much as they deserved. Not even grandma when she was cutting weight for her boxing matches.

Flyte bars were sort of like the original Milky Way bar before the nougat was updated to be vanilla flavoured. It was originally marketed with a product description that promoted health, it was the lower calorie chocolate bar, with half the fat of normal chocolate bars. It was almost pitched as a health food but it was hardly a protein bar. It still tasted amazing, all 45g of chocolatey goodness with a nougat core, tasty energy to power through the day.

“Taste the Chocolate… skip some fat”

Each wrapper came with the slogan ‘“Taste the Chocolate… skip some fat” and it had mixed reviews at first. A choco-bar aimed at dieters? A diet chocolate bar? That’s a bit of a mismatch but still, it was mostly nougat and it actually was half the fat of the equivalent of the usual solid bars of other brands.

As delicious and fluffy as Flyte bars were, they’re unlikely to be back any time soon, although manufacturers do seem to be in a trend of re-launching their vintage products like Opal Fruits (see when did Opal Fruits change to Starburst?) and Marathon bars, maybe there’s a chance they’ll be on the shelves again some time?

Can you still buy Flyte bars?

No, unfortunately, they’re not available for purchase anymore, they were discontinued in 2015. Any remaining bars are likely to be out of date at this point. That usually means covered in white dusty stuff with a deflated centre. Don’t ask how I know that.

Where can I buy Flyte chocolate bars?

You can’t, I’m afraid. They’re not available anywhere, anymore due to being discontinued along with Fuse chocolate bars, Banjo bars, Cadbury dreams, the Secret chocolate bars and Dweebs candy. It’s the sweetest graveyard, where all bars of sugary, tasty goodness go to retire after a long, hard life of satisfying taste buds.

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