What was the Cadbury Aztec Bar?

The Cadbury Aztec chocolate bar was first available on shop shelves in 1967, a real 60s sweet, and lived a reasonably successful life, all the way through to 1978 when it was sadly discontinued. That’s one chocolatey dream crushed and another favourite sweet treat torn from the shelves.

It was Cadbury’s attempt at competing with the Mars Bar. A creamy nougat core, topped with delicious caramel which was then coated in milk chocolate. Yeah, it’s basically the same thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t win that competition and it was discontinued due to poor sales.

Cadburys Aztec Bar with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and ice creams.

They came in a dark purple wrapper. similar to the Dairy Milk and were quite a popular chocolate bar at the time. Probably because they were a penny cheaper than the Mars version.

They used to have this really long advertisement. It must have been a 3-5 minute advert. Here’s one that we’ve found from TV in 1968 when they first released:

Where can I buy a Cadbury's Aztec bar?

You can’t, they were discontinued in 1978, suffering a similar fate to Flyte bars, Fuse bars that were packed with raisins, Time Out chocolate bars and other classic treats like Dweebs sweets and Cadbury Astros.

As far as we’re aware, they’re not available for sale in any country and if you happen to stumble across any, they’re probably a bit furry by now and maybe squishy too. It made an appearance in the year 2000 for a short while but it was only a temporary thing, one of those vintage marketing campaigns.

Why was the Cadbury Aztec discontinued?

It’s often difficult to track this sort of information down as extinct chocolate bars often vanish before you’ve even realised. It’s likely to be because of poor sales. There were similar products to their nougat and caramel centred bar of chocolate and maybe it lost out to the competition?

There have been a few retro chocolate bars resurrected for campaigns, the Wispa bar was actually discontinued around the year 2000 but eventually, it was brought back into production again.

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