Cadbury Spira Chocolate Bar

The Cadbury Spira chocolate bar was a wonder of milk chocolate goodness. It was  produced by the Cadbury Schweppes company and first launched in the 1980s but was only available for the North of England.

After proving very popular it was released across the whole of the UK and from there, the Spira was a firm favourite bar for a few decades alongside the classic Dairy Milk and other Retro chocolate bars. 

Cadbury Spira Chocolate bar

It was named as such because it came as two fingers and each was a spiral shaped delicious chocolate bar with a chocolatey coating. 

There was even a petition to bring back the Spira which received almost 2,000 signatures:


On top of that, there’s also a Facebook page with 34,000 followers:

Facebook page

It’s clear that a lot of people feel passionate about this iconic chocolate bar. 

What happened to them?

They were discontinued in 2005 and left a huge hole in the market and the hearts of those that used to enjoy a Spira bar as a beloved treat. 

Since it had its place in chocolate bar heaven it lives alongside other greats that have also retired from the shelves of supermarkets including the Mars Delight chocolate bar, the Cadbury Dream and Mars Planets chocolate.

Where can I buy Cadbury Spira chocolate Bars? 

They’re no longer available to buy and haven’t been since 2005 so unless you fancy an out of date bar with its own hairdo, you’re fresh out of luck. It was replaced by the Twirl bar which wasn’t quite the same but Spira lives on as a trip down memory lane. 

When were Cadbury Spira discontinued?

They were discontinued in 2005 and haven’t been seen since. There has been a lot of discussion on social media platforms about Spira chocolate bars and campaigning for a return but dreams were crushed by Cadbury themselves. 

Will the Cadbury Spira Chocolate bar be back in the shops?

No. It doesn’t look like it will happen as confirmed by Cadbury in a public statement in 2021:

“We have no plans to reintroduce this chocolate at the moment. Sorry about this! Peoples’ tastes change from time to time, so we refresh our range to cater for everyone,”

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