The Cadbury Rumba chocolate bar

This is one old school snack. Only in the 70s could the Cadbury Rumba Chocolate bar have existed, it’s one of those vintage treats that speaks volumes of the era it existed. It was originally marketed at adults due to the rum-based flavour and came in a dark brown, foil wrapper with an orange logo. Below the logo was a product description written in white writing that said:

‘Blended dark and milk chocolate covered nougatine and rum flavour truffle bar with raisins.’

Cadbury Rumba chocolate Bar with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and ice creams.

What was the Cadbury Rumba?

It was a milk chocolate bar from the 70s that featured the tasty combination of fudgy nougatine, flavoured with rum and coated in tasty milk chocolate with raisins suspended throughout. 

Rum was considered a grown-up taste and this was definitely geared towards adults, with a delicious combination of flavours.

It came in a packet with fingers similar to the Time Out chocolate bar or the Banjo bar, which a lot of sweet treats are based on.

Can you still buy the Cadbury Rumba Chocolate bar?

No, it’s not actually available anymore. Cadbury discontinued it in the 70s due to low sales but it was a genuine 70s delicacy.

It’s not available in shops and is completely retired to wherever it is that the tastiest, sweet products go to retire.

It’s in great company though with other Cadbury treats including the Aztec Bar, Fuse bars, Cadbury Astros and the more recent, Nuts About Caramel.

Why was it discontinued?

Like other delicious chocolate treats, they often get discontinued because they simply don’t sell enough. At the time there was serious competition for quality chocolate bars so maybe it lost out to those?

Similarly to a lot of other discontinued bars, there have been campaigns and petitions put together to bring them back but it’s unlikely to happen, I can’t imagine they’ll be returning to super market shelves anytime soon.

It might be nice to see them update it and release it into shops. The original rum and raisin treat for that classic, confectionary combination of fudge and sweet, alcohol flavours. .

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