What happened to Cadbury's Nuts About Caramel?

This is a classic, the Cadbury Dairy Milk got an upgrade! The Nuts About Caramel bar was originally a milk chocolate bar that was discontinued but later appeared in delicious, creamy ice cream form. Both were amazing. The ice cream is still available now as a lolly, similar to Magnums. They have the ice cream centre, covered in delicious caramel then further coated in Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate with peanuts suspended through it. It’s a glorious mixture and if you haven’t had it, definitely get hold of some.

Cadburys Nuts About Caramel Bar with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and ice creams.

The Nuts About Caramel chocolate bar was discontinued in 2003 and was only available for 4 years, it launched in 1999 and was enjoyed by many. There are still campaigns online to get Cadbury to bring it back into production. Some even have petitions.

A few years after it was discontinued, Cadbury released the ice cream, which I believe is still available in the shops to this day.


Where can I buy Nuts About Caramel bars by Cadbury?

You can’t, they’re discontinued and not available for purchase at this time. Maybe they’ll make a comeback one day? Other snacks containing that winning combination, peanuts and chocolate including some of the American candy treats like Reese’s cups. The only similar caramel sweets are the bars of Dairy Milk Caramel, which has the caramel centre.

Where can I buy the ice cream?

They’re usually available in major supermarkets that stock other goodies like the Cadbury dairy milk caramel. You know, large stores that have shelves of major brands?

Chances are you won’t find them in a small shop anywhere, even at their peak I don’t recall seeing them anywhere

They come in a red and yellow box and are similar to Magnums in size and style but I think they have the edge on most of their flavours. It’s that Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel.

Why were they discontinued?

This milk chocolate treat had it’s day and the time came to close the doors on production. I guess it wasn’t selling much and they moved onto more profitable bars?

It lives on in the graveyard of treats that once blessed our shelves alongside Cadbury Aztec Bars, Fuse bars, Cadbury Astros and Banjo Bars.

All of which are greatly missed and seem to have petitions from disgruntled fans


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