All about Cadbury's Fuse Chocolate Bars

Cadbury Fuse chocolate bars are something of a passion for some people, so much that they’ve campaigned to have Cadbury bring them back from the sweetest graveyard for good. That’s definitely something I’m in favour of, I’d love to see the them back on supermarket shelves in no time at all. 

We’d gladly stock them in our online shop. In their first week of being released in the wild (shops) the Cadbury’s Fuse bar sold 40 million units in the first week. That’s incredible.

Cadburys Fuse Chocolate bar with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and icecreams.

Fuse Chocolate bars

The original Fuse bar was an estimated 70% milk chocolate, 30% nuts, including peanuts, crisp cereal, raisins, and fudge pieces in amongst the rest of the tasty goodness.

There was never a white chocolate version, unlike a lot of other bars ( Did I dream the Cadbury Dream?), which would be interesting to try, almost like a white rocky road…yep, I’m sold!

They were manufactured in India but were originally made in UK factories as a result of a piece of market research. 83% of people who took part in the research, and highly rated Fuse bars loved them so much they said they’d purchase them regularly. Bars with raisins are one of those things that you love or hate but this seemed to please many on all sides.

The campaign to resurrect Cadbury's Fuse Bars:

Sometimes chocolate treats inspire passion from their fans, so much that it results in large scale campaigns and petitions to get them back in product and on shelves at local supermarkets. In 2010 there were a range of campaigns to bring back Fuse Bars, from chocolate fans who felt particularly passionately about being deprived of their favourite treat since it was discontinued in 2006.

There are also recipes available online if you fancy making your own bars?

IN 2015, Cadbury launched an exciting campaign to resurrect old bars that they’d discontinued. It was a hashtag based campaign on Facebook and social media where they used the hashtag ‘#cadburygraveyard.’ 

Each person had to vote on a post by leaving a comment with which product they’d most like to bring back for Halloween. Fuse was the most popular choice and Cadbury selected 100 lucky winners who received their own, limited edition Cadbury Fuse chocolate bars based on the original recipe. This was only for the UK, it didn’t appear to happen in any other country.

Where can I buy Fuse chocolate bars?

You can’t purchase them in the UK, they were discontinued in 2006 but they were relaunched in India in 2016 so you might be able to import them. We’ve had them in stock before but haven’t had much success keeping hold of them and ideally, we’d want them in their original packaging.

One more from the land of extinct chocolate bars and sweets, including the Nestle Secret bars, Flyte bars, Dweebs sweets, Toffos and Time Out chocolate bars.

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