Cadbury Dream Chocolate Bar

Cadbury dream chocolate was exactly as you’d imagine, a delicious and tasty dream of a chocolate treat. It’s a huge shame that these tasty Dream chocolate bars were discontinued as there’s never been anything to replace them. Sold as a white chocolate alternative to Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate bars , it went down a treat and is sorely missed.

Cadbury Dreams were first on the market in 2002 but quickly withdrawn as they didn’t see the success that was expected, originally released as small and large bars perfect for white chocolate lovers. They appeared again in 2019 after an attempted rebrand as ‘Cadbury White’ but it just didn’t go to plan.


A picture of a Cadbury Dream Chocolate Bar

Like a daydream

It’s still occasionally available in UK stores now but in my opinion, doesn’t taste the same as the original Dream bar from Cadbury. For those that aren’t in the UK, it’s still manufactured in South Africa and Australia but it can be tricky to get them in the country in one piece…it sometimes ends in a gloopy mess. 

Another discontinued chocolate bar that joined the ranks of Mars Planets, Cadbury Astros and Mars Delight chocolate bars. 

Where can I buy a Cadbury Dream bar?

Unfortunately, they’re not available anywhere in the UK as the original Dream chocolate bar and haven’t been since 2002 but to the disappointment of chocolate fans.  Dream bars are available for sale in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as part of the Cadbury line up in those areas. 

Why were they discontinued? 

They just didn’t sell that many of them and compared to other, more popular white chocolate bars on the market, were quite quickly withdrawn from sale. It’s often the case that sales decide what companies do and although they were popular with certain groups, they didn’t do that well in the UK overall.

Will Cadbury Dream bars be coming back to shops?

In our dreams….It’s unlikely though you can still purchase the modern spinoff product, the white chocolate Cadbury bar, which isn’t quite as good as their white chocolate buttons, which are absolutely delicious. 

What did it look like?

It has a similar product packaging to Dairy Milk chocolate bars and can be seen in the image below:

Cadbury Dream Chocolate Bar Small
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