Have You Tried Cadbury Astros?

You might remember Cadbury’s Astros if you’re a millennial with a decent memory, as they first appeared in 1997. Originally launched in the UK and across a large portion of the Western world from Ireland, the USA and Canada to South Africa, where you can actually still buy them to this day.

They were also available in Australia but they had a different name; ‘Cadbury Lunas,’ which also makes sense. They’re discontinued in the UK, just like the recently extinct Time Out chocolate bars, so if you’re looking for them, you’re likely to need to import them. We might be able to do it for you, if you’re that keen, send us a message.

Cadburys Astros with a white background with pink and blue, diagonal stripes and some graphics of sweets and icecreams.

What were Cadbury's Astros?

They were a milk chocolate treat, with a crispy biscuit centre and tasty candy coating, described on the box as ‘candy and chocolate coated biscuit bites.’ They came in snack-sized boxes of 40g and a larger box that weighed 150g, we’d mostly go for the larger ones ourselves. If you never had them before, they were like round Smarties, with balls of biscuit in the middle.

They came in a square box that was purple and decorated with graphics of the sweet as if it was an asteroid flying through space. Ugh they went so well with Tooty Frooties.

Cadbury Astros did make a short appearance as a special edition milk chocolate bar but it didn’t last too long. 

Where can I buy Cadbury Astros?

You could potentially import them from Mondelez South Africa but other than that, these chocolate products can be tricky to get hold of. These are sad times.

Why were they discontinued?

This was due to poor sales, It’s a shame but they’re another of the delicious sweet products that have been retired to the candy graveyard. These milk chocolate asteroids are now retired just like Banjo bars, Fuse chocolate bars, Flyte bars and Dweebs candy. As much as we’d want them to, I’m not sure they’ll be coming back any time soon and if they do make an appearance, it’s like to be for a limited time only.

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