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When I was a kid, I’d go and visit my grandparents, and part of what made the time with them special was chocolate. They’d buy special boxes, and selection packs with different bars, and there was always chocolate on offer. Crinkling the wrappers open and taking the foil off with gran’s help became part of our time together, and away from the difficult times at home – I came from a very broken home. It wasn’t until I was older that I realised this was part of how these kind decent people expressed their love for me.

People ask how Bonbonville came about, and usually I tell them about my desire to make artisan confectionery available to wider audiences than small producers often have. And that’s true enough, but the story of my grandparents is in there too. And so is a bigger story that’s a bit more involved…

My training was in sound design, and I used to work in the film industry. It sounds exciting, and it was rewarding – but not financially. Penny-pinching producers wanted you to do things for a favour, and money promised on the back-end never came. The story was the same when I shifted to selling the audio equipment I used and then IT and Cyber Security solutions. I’d create sales for my employers, but somehow my cut of the fee never turned up.

What I was learning was that there are some untrustworthy people out there – which I already knew from my immediate family. But I also knew that there were decent people with kindness and compassion, who weren’t just out for what they could get. My grandparents were proof of that.

The other proof is my amazing girlfriend Katie. She and I travelled the world, and out of that magical time ideas started to form about the kind of future we’d like together. It was the death of my grandparents, who both passed in the same year, that made things clear.

BonBonville is me going back to the love I experienced from them, and the idea that the world can be an amazing place, and turning those feelings into a business. We all get let down, have our bad times and bleak moments. Those magical cocoa beans and the things we make from them can help see us through, and we can share chocolate with others who need a lift, or use it to celebrate special times like weddings, family occasions, and Christmas.

Sweet dreams,

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