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Welcome to BonBonVille. Our online sweet shop is committed not only to delivering the tastiest treats, we also want to make sure that with every purchase we have a positive impact. 

With every order of delicious chocolate and sweets, we plant a tree while each of our employee’s carbon footprint is offset by similar environmental projects.



All of our packaging is the most sustainable that we’ve been able to find and we want to make sure we’re ahead at all times with compostable and sustainable materials. We can’t save the planet alone but can we do our bit. 

The bliss of biting into quality confectionery is one of life’s big treats – And we’ve gone beyond the call of duty in carefully selecting some of the very best – old favourites, the finest artisan creations, American classics and vegan treats – that we’ll deliver, from here on the internet…to you, or someone you care about, by post.

The internet’s great, but an email will never replicate the thrill of a package of tasty treats arriving. Especially one that’s as delicious as ours.

Make your own pick n mix by selecting your favourites and having them delivered in a 1kg pouch. Take a look at the full range of treats in our online sweets shop. Order before 3PM and we’ll despatch your order the same day. If you’re local to us, we can usually deliver it to you on the same day so long as you complete the checkout process before 3PM. 

Our selection includes bubblegum bottles, Haribo Rings, Haribo Frogs, Toffee BonBons and original Fruit Salad Sweets and so many other favourite sweets. 

Click the button below to get started making your own pouch of treats and the candy gnomes will do the rest, delivering it to you as soon as possible. 

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Do you like candy? Silly question! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to receive a box of treats from the USA, once a month?

Our subscription is an American candy mystery box so every month will be a delicious surprise. You’ll answer the door, excitedly take your box inside and then rip it out of the wrapper to get to the exciting treats!

Previous editions included Nerds, Reese’s Mini cups, Jolly Rancher, Hershey Payday Candy bars, Toxic Waste sour candy and Moon Pies!

American Candy Box

Pick and mix online

Alongside what we offer normal customers in the online sweet shop, we also make branded sweets for businesses. These are bags and packets of treats for events or to thank employees and teams for doing a great job. Some companies use them as a sweet way to show appreciation for customers or a cute addition to the table at company days.

We can offer American candy, Retro Sweets and all the usual sweet shop favourites.

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Free delivery

We don’t charge for delivery. The price you see is the price you’ll pay when it’s added to your basket and if you’re buying someone’s favourite sweets as gifts or for special occasions, we can send them directly to the person or people you’re buying them for. 

Once you’ve added your selection to the basket, checkout and pay, making sure you let us know where to send it. We’ll handle the rest!

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