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At Bonbonville we’re as big on emotions as we are on chocolates and sweets. That’s why one of the greatest works of literature is inspired by a man reflecting on the sublime taste of a French Madeleine. The bliss of biting into quality confectionery is one of life’s big treats – And we’ve gone beyond the call of duty in carefully selecting some of the very best – old favourites, the finest artisan creations, American classics vegan treats – that we’ll deliver, from here on the internet…to you, or someone you care about, by post. 

The internet’s great, but an email will never replicate the thrill of a package of tasty treats arriving. Especially one that’s as delicious as ours.

Each beautifully designed and carefully packaged box is crammed full to the brim with fabulous confectionery for you to delight in at your own pace. We select a different mix of gourmet goodies every month so there’ll always be something new to look forward to as well as old and new favourites to enjoy.

Pick N Mix Deliveries!

Put together a box of all your favourite pick n mix treats online, in our shop. If you’re local to us, we can usually deliver it to you on the same day. Take a look at our range of tasty treats and let us know if there are any favourites missing!

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Candy Drop Subscription!

American Candy Box

Do you like American Candy? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to receive a box of American candy treats once a month?

It’s a mystery box so every month will be a great surprise. You’ll answer the door, excitedly take your box inside and then rip it out of the wrapper to get to the surprise treats inside! 

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